10 Survival Gear Essentials You Must Have While Trekking

Survival Kit for Road-Outing

Trekking is a life changing experience and anyone who has ever trekked will agree that the experience is simply incomparable. However, there are challenges to trekking as well, and thus, it isn’t the easiest of activities to opt for. Moreover, if you are a solo trekker, the challenges become exponentially high, not to mention the risks as well. Whether you are trekking in a group or solo, having survival gears is absolutely mandatory. As every professional trekker will say, knowing survival skills is as important as always carrying your survival gear and to be prepared for the unforeseen.

What Should I Keep In My Trekking Survival Gear?

10 Survival Gear Essentials You Must Have While Trekking
10 Survival Gear Essentials You Must Have While Trekking

The major confusion arises when you start preparing a list of your trekking survival gear essentials. It is easy to go overboard and pack up things that are basically redundant. It is also as easy to miss out the most important stuff that might not seem like much at the moment but can turn out to be the very thing that saves your life. To make things easier, we have a list of the top 10 essentials that must remain in your trekking survival gear list at all times, though this list isn’t exhaustive.

1.      Sleeping Bag With Tent

If you ever find yourself stranded during trekking, the most important thing will be to prepare yourself for the night. Whether you are in the mountains or the jungle, the sleeping bag is the best protection you will get while sleeping at night. Having a mini foldable tent is always added benefit and can be a real life-saver at times.

2.      Swiss Knife

The multipurpose knife is all too well known among trekkers. It is also your best friend and probably the only means of self defense in case you get caught in a rough patch while trekking and have to survive on your own. Thus, the knife definitely goes in your survival gear list.

3.      Torch, Emergency Life & Battery

Light is always essential for the nighttime. So, you need to put some rechargeable batteries in your survival gear pack as well as add an emergency light. They truly come in handy in case of any distress.

4.      Ropes

You never know in what situation you will land, so, having a rope is always the smart decision, especially if your trekking trail is through the mountains.

5.      Non-Perishable Dry Food

No one can survive without food for long, thus, having enough non-perishable dry foods in your survival gear box is the smart thing to do. You cannot always rely on nature to provide you with the necessary food.

6.      Water Bottle

Always carry a water bottle. True, the water won’t last endlessly, but you can always collect water via various means. And, the bottle will allow you to carry the collected water for future need.

7.      Portable Water Filtration System/Water Purifier Tablets

Water is life, as well as it can turn quite harmful if the source isn’t right. Having water purification tablets or a portable water purifier, thus, makes it extremely safe for you to get water without worrying about the source, and survive through the roughest experiences.

8.      Compass And GPS Enabled Smart Watch

No survival gear kit is complete without compass and GPS enabled smart watch, however, I need not explain how these will come in handy.

9.      First Aid And Medicines

Always be prepared for the ailments, with medicines, such as, anti-histamines, antiseptics, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, antibiotic, and some bandages, cotton wool, band-aids will be the perfect mix.

10.  Satellite Phone

Depending upon the local law, if you are allowed, definitely keep the satellite phone in your survival gear kit. You never know if you will have cellular service, but satphone will allow you to contact anyhow.

10 Survival Gear Essentials You Must Have While Trekking
10 Survival Gear Essentials You Must Have While Trekking

Simply having survival gear might not be enough if you don’t know survival skills. Learn them before you take on the life of a trekker.

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