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5 Practical Tips For Surviving An Avalanche

Five Practical Tips for Surviving Avalanche

White snow mountain tops and soft snow is a dream of every mountain back skier. But believe it or not, a back skier is a person responsible for Avalanche decent in most of the cases. The threat of Avalanche should not stop the skier or snowboarder from enjoying the smooth descent from the snow-covered mountains. But complete knowledge of snow and the condition of the land beneath should attain before starting the descent.

Here are practical and useful tips for surviving Avalanche.

Move Sideways-

The most effective tips for surviving Avalanche is to move sideways. The center of the Avalanche is the most critical part and you should avoid it for safety. If you have noticed the signs of Avalanche, your first instinct to survive the incident should be to move sideways. The sideways means that you should keep yourself away from the center where the pile of snow is descending fastest. Whether Avalanche is starting beneath you or above you, the first instinct should be to move sideways and give way to the snow rolling.

Five practical tips for surviving Avalanche
Five practical tips for surviving Avalanche

Jump Upslope-

The skier or snowboarder themselves causes most of the Avalanche. Hence it is essential for the skiers to know the signs of Avalanche. If you notice the avalanche signs and the snow beneath you just cracked, you must not [decent any further and should jump upslope. The best way to survive the Avalanche is to avoid fracture line and should not cross it at any cost. Although you should be very fast and prompt with the step as the initiation of Avalanche take a fraction of minute to start.

Make yourself light-

The next step to surviving Avalanche should be to let go off your heavy equipment and bags. It is essential that you make yourself light so that you can run. However, keep wearing your backpack, as it will save your back and neck from any snow stones. Keeps the survival equipment and throw all other material. It raises your chances of survival, and you can decent to the safety ground lighter.

Five practical tips for surviving Avalanche
Five practical tips for surviving Avalanche

Hold on to something-

If you are caught up in the Avalanche and cannot run any further, try to hold onto something like tree, branch, or mountain rocks. It will save you from getting bury in the Avalanche and will support you till the Avalanche has gone. However, check that you are holding onto something sturdy and hard. Most potent Avalanche can rip the rocks and trees in their path. But with this tip, you can survive the Avalanche and save yourself burying in the snow.

Five practical tips for surviving Avalanche
Five practical tips for surviving Avalanche

Always Swim Uphill-

Lastly, effective tips for surviving Avalanche. If you have been taken away by the Avalanche and you are descending downhill, it is suggested that you keep swimming. It is for the reason that you keep yourself afloat and keep your head above in the air. The human body is denser than the snow, and you can sink in the snow if you do not swim. Just keep paddling your hands and legs in the snow like you float and keep your head towards the surface so that you get enough oxygen. Keep swimming uphill so that you do not get buried in the snow.

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