After Reading These Campfire Stories, You Will Rush To Book A Hotel (#5 Is The Scariest!)

Many people campfire conjures with roasting marshmallows, lighting a bonfire, stargazing, and relaxing while having deep talks with your friends. However, for some unlucky campers, that belief was disfigured by some unknown entities and the environment.

The Man Staring Strangely

A person flying a kite in front of a fire

A guy went on a hike with his friend, and they came across a strange old man just off the trail staring right at them as they approached him. They offered him a greeting. But no response from the strange old man. He looked like he had cold eyes and a really spooky image. They were quite far from the town and had zero hiking gear, just normal clothes that looked clean. They passed the old man and kept trudging up on the trail. They glanced back and the guy turned and suddenly walked through the bush. From then on, they stopped hiking in that area.

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