Facts You Didn’t Know About Volcanoes

Some Fun Facts About Volcano

Volcano, the word was coined from the name of the Roman god of fire, ‘Vulcan.’ These volcanoes are a result of a natural opening occurring in the Earth’s surface which leads to escape of molten liquid rock and gases. Cost Rica is home to many such wonderful volcanoes, most of them being dormant. This is why it has turned into a tourist attraction as well. Another destination where you can witness the beauty of nature in the form of these hot magma fountain is Nicaragua. This is the reason why many people get interested in buying real estate property here.

So, let us read about some interesting fact related to a volcano.

Fun Facts About Volcano

Volcano is a natural phenomenon which has never failed to amaze the adults and kid alike. Thus, everyone gets enthusiastic when given fun facts to read about them.


Some Fun Facts About Volcano
Some Fun Facts About Volcano

A volcano is basically located in the place underneath the Earth surface where tectonic plates are meeting each other. There is one area around the Pacific Ocean where you can find 75% of Earth’s volcanoes. The place has been named as ‘Pacific ring of Fire.’

Biggest Volcano

Though Earth is known to be home to many big volcanoes but other planets also do not lag behind. Mars is a planet where you can find the biggest volcano of the solar system. Scientists have given it the name of ‘Olympus Mons’ and its measurements are 600km wide and 21 km high.

Most Volcanic Activity

Jupiter’s moons are the place in solar system where the scientists have found ample of volcanic activities. The surface of the Jupiter is undergoing constant changes to give rise to ample of volcanic activities.

Some Fun Facts About Volcano
Some Fun Facts About Volcano


Many people believe that volcanoes are just large cone shaped mountains of molten lava. However, their shape is not just restricted to it. There are other features of the volcano as well. It includes wide plateaus, fissure vents, and even dome shapes.


Though it may be surprising but you can find many volcanoes under the ocean as well. There are many, infact, found in Iceland.

Volcanic Gases

The volcanic gases include hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, water vapors, and hydrogen chloride. Well, these are many gases combining to form a huge one!


Have you heard about Pumice? Well, it is a unique and mesmerizing volcanic rock which possesses the power to actually float on water! Yes! Moreover, beauty parlors often make use of pumice rock to get rid of dry skin from their customers’ faces.

Ash Eruptions

You must have seen ash erupting from these volcanoes in the television set. Well, have you ever wondered how high these ash eruptions go? A volcano can actually send ash eruptions to over 30 km above the Earth’s surface! So, it is not possible for any human to survive near a volcano.

Erupting Volcano

An erupting lava can give rise to many forms of calamities, such as flash floods, tsunami, mudflows, earthquakes, and even rockfalls. Thus, an eruption can bring along many calamities along with it!

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