Forest Fires: Causes And Procedure - Forest Fires: Causes And Procedure -

Forest Fires: Causes And Procedure

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Forest fire has always been a major part of the ecosystem, and this means a lot, a burning forest is not always a bad thing but in some cases, it can be a serious issue, as we all know nature can take care of itself very well, there some points one should always keep in mind.

Forest Fires: Causes And Procedure
Forest Fires: Causes And Procedure

Necessity Of A Forest Fire

It is not at all surprising, because all the things that happen in nature have both positive and negative outcomes. Moreover, the thing same implies for fire also. Why? This is because it is the best way to clean the forest, to make it a healthier place for all the plants and the animals again. As all the life forms have their own ways to clean, so do the forests have. A fire in the forest cleans its unwanted ailments, like dry leaves or weeds and most of all dead trees. Farmers are using the procedure for decades for a better result of farming. Because the ash from the dead plants is one of the best fertilizers you can get, and people of the ancient ages understood this very well.

The Negative Sides Of A Forest Fire

Yet nothing is good to be too much, usage of this method in an uncontrolled way can bring disaster to the wildlife, it can lead to some very serious problems, like deforestation. And most of this can change the natural ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide, in the air. Moreover, like this, the problem doesn’t only affect wildlife it also affects the whole ecosystem. As everything is connected with the rest of existence.

The Natural Procedure

It is the natural process by which a forest cleans itself and maintain a proper balance. o how this works? Fires in the forest are periodic in nature. Therefore, it is not an instance. The materials you are never too much. Dead trees and dry weeds are the fuel here. Moreover, in this case, as they burn after a certain time. Due to natural reasons, the risk remains low. But preventing this natural process can be a very serious problem because if a fire breaks after a long time, it can be a horrible disaster. So the best way to deal with nature is always to leave as it is and to accept the natural consequences.

Forest Fires: Causes And Procedure
Forest Fires: Causes And Procedure

The Process Of Regeneration

Forest fires help some trees like oak and pine to grow like the weed in the ground that prevents it are cleared. After the fire burns a forest, as a natural response of the ecological system plants and grasses are born again, small plants grow faster, followed by slower growth of taller plants, like pine-oak and hardwood species.

Controversies About Burning A Wood

Controlled fire in a forest is a very controversial issue now; as forests are known to be the lungs of the earth. According to some, it is a great way to keep the health of the forest by maintaining its cleanliness, while others do not think the same, and believes in preventing a fire for the greater good.

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