How To Survive A Nuclear Bomb Blast -

How To Survive A Nuclear Bomb Blast

How To Survive A Nuclear Bomb Blast?

Can you really survive if your city/town is the target of a nuclear bomb? As per experts, it is possible to survive a nuclear bomb blast even though you will be in the same city if there is an advanced warning system that warns you a few minutes before the strike. Yes, however much it might sound insane, you can actually survive a nuclear bomb detonation!

Steps To Survive Nuclear Bomb Attack

How To Survive A Nuclear Bomb Blast?
How To Survive A Nuclear Bomb Blast?

None of us want our country or city to be nuked, for sure. But with the number of nuclear bombs in the arsenal across the globe, it is always better to stay prepared than be wiped out in case there is a nuclear attack. However, do remember, this will not be working unless you have a few minutes of advance warning to get yourself to safety. So, how can you survive after a nuclear bomb is dropped in your city?

Create An Underground Safe Bunker

We all know that even the U.S. has nuclear bunkers to protect the important people in case of an imminent nuclear threat. You will need to create a really strong basement that will act as a nuclear attack bunker if someone drops a nuclear bomb. If cost isn’t a concern, line the bunker using lead for protection against radiation. If you are short on the fund, at least create concrete bunker. A steel bunker is a great idea as well.

Stock Up On Food And Water

You don’t know how long it will be before you can go out and you will need food and water to survive the initial fallout. If you try to go out right after a nuke detonation, you will die due to exposure to radiation. Keeping dry food is the best option.

Keep Radiation Suit And Geiger Counter

When you are investing in a bunker to remain safe from a nuke attack, it is just logical to keep a few radiation suits and Geiger counter as well. However, keep in mind that no matter what suit you use, you are not impervious to ionizing radiation. The ionizing radiation level will be detected using Geiger-Muller counter.

How To Survive Nuclear Bomb Attack Without Bunker

How To Survive A Nuclear Bomb Blast?
How To Survive A Nuclear Bomb Blast?

Now, not everyone can get a bunker built to protect themselves against a nuclear bomb attack. For the ones who can’t get into a bunker, find a large building and get to the center of it. Don’t fear the building collapsing on you. Because, if you are close enough to the point of detonation, nothing will survive anyway. So, praying that you are far enough, you will have to stay away from the windows and doors, because the shockwave will probably smash them anyway and you will become collateral damage!

Is A Bunker Completely Safe From Nuclear Bomb Detonation?

Your bunker is completely safe only if it is deep enough underground. Unless the bunker is extremely deep, an explosion occurring close enough will wipe it away as well. Any atom bomb explosion causes a massive crater. So, even the bunker which is just under the ground level will not survive.

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