Nuclear Bomb: The World’s Deadliest Weapon

Deadliest Weapons on planet

The threat of nuclear war is increasing day by day. There are more than 26,000 nuclear weapons on earth. They are part of different countries security force and deployed on the land, sea and in the air.This leads to the constant threat of nuclear confrontation and radioactive contamination.

 The standalone unused, nuclear weapons are a source of terror. What are the factors which are restricting world leaders to abandon nuclear bombs?

Deadliest Weapons on planet


For stopping any nuclear war, we should dismantle our nuclear weapons, and it is possible. In the past few years, Russia and the U.S have reduced their arms and bombs by one-fourth of what they had during the Cold War. The current security forces and scenes threats to reduce arms for a country, but we have different paths to opt.


Nuclear weapons are one among the most dangerous and destructive weapons on earth. One may not realize how powerful and deadly they are. The effects of a nuclear detonation are disastrous and impact a target city severely. The radiations cause by bomb explosion may lead to the life of individuals.Their affect can last for years or either lifetime.

Political Will

Political structure and lack of political will is the main hurdle which doesn’t allow the destruction of nuclear weapons. All are well aware of the fact of how destructive nuclear bombs are? But countries believe for their security they need nuclear weapons. The rivalries between various nations and fear of war lead countries to pursue nuclear weapons.

Costs And Risks

The huge money is waste on development of nuclear wars. War is not needed for atomic weapons to hurt people. Nuclear weapons cause harm in many aspects, and it includes environmental contamination to the exploitation of communities. The risk factor and costs of having nuclear weapons are high, even after knowing the fact they will remain unused.


The invention of nuclear weapons happen about 75 years ago. They change the entire way of countries interaction with one another. With the involvement of nuclear weapons, the Competition and threats increase. Nuclear weapons invented during World War II, and we have seen their impact. Present-day nuclear weapons have huge impacts on international security.

Deadliest Weapons on planet


An atomic explosion is a chain reaction in which atoms splits. This process releases enormous amounts of energy.The particles collide with other atoms causing an exponentially growing chain reaction. This process is called fission. The unstable and radioactive substances like uranium and plutonium atoms have most powerful fission explosion capacity.

Nuclear fission reaction produces explosive energy generation from atom bombs. The destruction capacity of a nuclear explosion measures in kilotonnes and megatonnes. Nuclear weapons are more destructive and powerful than any other conventional bombs. The explosions of nuclear bomb kill human life on a large scale.The radioactive effect can continue for years.

The bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 destroyed  Japanese cities. Everyone within the range of the blast was killed, and almost the entire city’s structures damaged. Around 150,000 people killed immediately, and many more died from radiation poisoning. Modern nuclear weapons are much more powerful and destructive than the ones used on Japan. 

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