Road Trip: What To Bring Along With You

Whether you are going out on a road trip solo or with your beloved family, there should always be a survival kit with you at all times for all types of situations. Maybe, these materials won’t be of use to you most of the time. But, the day you actually need it, you will thank yourself for packing it along.

Find the Perfect Drive Destination

The Top-Shot Necessities for the Kit

  1. Copies of directions and hotel confirmations in both, printed and electronic formats.
  2. Neck Pillows are only not used for aeroplanes. They find great use in uncomfortable sleeping environments too.
  3. Carry sunblock gards or films for all windows of your car. This will help the travellers take a quick nap in between the ride at the backseat! People generally feel the sun always striking through the windows burning me in all weathers, in fact.
  4. Audiobooks or podcasts
  5. Headphones – No one will ever forget this! People won’t miss an opportunity to sneak a lone music time during the time.
  6. First aid kit should always be present. Also, a fire extinguisher, just in case.
  7. Mouthwash and gum – It helps keep you awake and freshened. Also, chewing a gum can keep you awake longer than you can imagine.
  8. Try sharpening your gaming skills for the road trip that may come along.
  9. A gallon of water – Carry a lot of water bottles and if possible, a water reservoir. In places, where you may find contaminated water, this may act as a life-saving reserve. It’s not always that you will find a water fountain near you, right? Also, stay hydrated at all times! That keeps your brain active in distress-based situations.

About Light and Handy Snacks

“You don’t want to kill your appetite by overindulging in Doritos, but neither do you want to get so hungry that you eat in some junk-food place out of desperation,” Stern says. Think carrot sticks, trail mix, granola bars and grapes.
Handy Road Trip Snacks:

  1. Chips
  2. Popcorn
  3. Beef Jerky
  4. Cheese: Cubes, Slices
  5. Corns
Popcorns are the Best for Survival Kit

Packing the Car

Start by packing emergency items for your survival kit.

  1. Take care that they don’t fall by the wayside during packing.
    Use the glove compartment and the areas under the car seats for emergency items. This would keep them very handy.
  2. Emergency road and first aid kits is easily available at medical stores or auto parts stores. Though, it is recommended to make one personally.
  3. The basics should include a torch and batteries, jumper cables, sufficient amount of mobil, pressure gauge, duct tape, pliers and screwdrivers.
  4. Keep fuses, rags and hand-gloves handy in case of a vehicle breakdown. You would be needing them at all times during the repair.
  5. Sanitisers, Handwash, Cleaning detergents are a must.
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