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Understanding What A Mountain Rescue Team

Interesting Facts About Mountain Rescue Team

Mountain Rescue teams usually operate in areas such as the Lakes, mountain ranges and the Highlands. They may as well extend help for urban areas too depending upon the situation. However, they have also associated with areas sensitive area in times of crisis. The Rescue teams provide search and rescue cover for people in distress.

Interesting Facts About Mountain Rescue Team
Interesting Facts About Mountain Rescue Team

Mountain Rescue Team

Mountain Rescue teams are call by local police, people in suffering or ambulance services. They help in search operations for missing and injured people in mountainous areas. But sometimes they have to evacuate casualties from wilderness environments, remote area.

Mountain Rescue Team comprises of volunteers who live close to the catchment of the team. They are accessible during any time of day or night to help with search or rescue activities. The team has special equipment at their disposal, including helicopters, search dogs, night lights, GPS tracker, multiple sensory gadgets, etc. These types of equipment are sometimes use to assist the team in their operations. Depending on the severity of the situation, the mode of operation is decided.

What Does It Take To Be A Part Of Mountain Rescue Team:

1. Time Commitment

One has to undergo a training period of 1-2 years before becoming a part of the rescue team. Training session involves strict criteria with timings and range of subjects. Search operations are highly unpredictable and demanding.

2. Extended Work Hours

Search operations often take hours sometimes days of standing or waiting time. Which involves night shifts as well. Rescue teams are mostly call to assist local police who require specialist skills to locate a call. Search operation often begins the late night. You have to be prepared to pull an all-night to the best of your ability and contribute to the team.

3. Family & Work Life

Is your employer flexible with your work timings? Will he allow you to drop everything at hand for a call? This isn’t always required as the team consists of self-employed as well as people with regular 9-5 jobs. You always have a back up those ways. However, you still need to be prepare if you get that call. You also need to consider if your family or life partner is okay with you to volunteer for rescue operations.

Interesting Facts About Mountain Rescue Team

Interesting Facts About Mountain Rescue Team

4. Physical & Emotional Well Being

Are you capable of wandering for hours carrying out search operations in the wilderness? Can you manage hours without food and water and still help your fellow teammates carry on the operation. You may even have to carry a stretcher with an injured person. Except the survivor is critical helicopters aren’t requested.

5. Other Activities

The rescue team isn’t just about search and rescue operations. There is much more to the job. You may occasionally have to participate in fundraising events, manage and maintain the types of equipment and vehicles.

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