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What If We Detonate Every Atomic Bomb On Earth At Once?

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Any fan of Dr. Strangelove reading this probably already knows what happens with every atomic bomb going off at once. For those who are clueless about what I just said (spoiler ahead), this is a satirical classic which takes on the Cold War situation and end up showing what happens to the world in event of (you guessed it right) all atomic bombs being blasted at once. Well, it’s nice to watch on TV, but what if that truly becomes a reality? Do we survive? Will the planet exist? There are so many questions. Let’s find the answers.

Armageddon Via Atomic Bomb

What If We Detonate Every Atomic Bomb On Earth At Once?
What If We Detonate Every Atomic Bomb On Earth At Once?

We can all say, thanks to Hiroshima, if every atomic bomb detonates at the same time across the globe, humanity is facing a treat like never before. It is certainly not going to be any better for the plants and animals either. Will the plant as a whole survive? Maybe, or, maybe not. Whatever happens, it won’t be the same ever again. And, it will not be too far-fetched to call this as Armageddon.

How Many Atomic Bomb We Have In Total?

The exact count of the atomic bomb might be a little difficult to get, especially with few countries never truly revealing their entire nuclear arsenal capability. However, if the Federation of American Scientists is to be believed, as of 2017 the global atomic arsenal consists of 14,900 nuclear warheads. Now that’s a scary number, especially because even one of these can wipe out a major city off the face of the earth and ensure that the nuclear fallout will ensure the death of millions more in the years to come. So, having all the nuclear warheads detonate at once doesn’t seem like a future anyone will wish for!

What Happens With Single Atomic Bomb Explosion?

Before we contemplate global destruction, let’s just blast one extremely powerful and sophisticated atomic bomb and see what it will do. The United State has B83, one of the deadliest and most powerful atomic bombs in their arsenal. No surprise there! Now, if it were to detonate in a major city, the energy released will be 5 Petajoules, that’s like having 79 Hiroshima altogether. The impact will cause a giant fireball across 2.2 square miles. The temperature will reach 150 Million degrees Fahrenheit.

A shockwave will flatten everything within 6.5 square miles and a heatwave will scorch every living being within 162 square miles. And, if you are ‘unfortunate’ enough to survive the immediate incineration, almost everyone within 8 square miles will be extremely sick and die of acute radiation poisoning as a result of the fallout.

Let’s Destroy The World Now!

What we just spoke about is a single most powerful atomic bomb going off. Imagine all those warheads going off all across the earth while being evenly distributed. The first wave will wipe out a large section of all living creatures and plants instantly. Those that will survive will mostly die due to radiation poisoning. But, that’s just the beginning.

What If We Detonate Every Atomic Bomb On Earth At Once?
What If We Detonate Every Atomic Bomb On Earth At Once?

The detonation of atomic bombs at this scale will most certainly cause nuclear winter. It is a phenomenon where the earth’s atmosphere becomes impenetrable for all forms of solar radiation. The earth will rapidly cool down plunging into a seemingly everlasting winter. There will be irradiating ash in the atmosphere. The temperature will become sub-zero causing another ice age. There will be a long night (Game of Thrones fans know how that looks), and it will last decades or even centuries. Rest assured, human beings can’t survive this, but even if few do, they will fend for food that will be scarce. No photosynthesis will collapse the food chain. It will be a grim world! So let’s ensure no one detonates those atomic bombs ever!

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