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What Natural Disaster Kills The Most?

What Natural Disaster Kills The Most?

Natural disasters cause much death of ling beings, including human beings, birds, and animals. A natural disaster is the fact of our life since the beginning of species. In our history, we can consider many natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami floods, and volcanic eruptions. But people forget the number of deaths that happened in the past because of natural calamities. Here we have the list of some considerable natural disasters and their effects.

Natural Disaster Of The History

What Natural Disaster Kills The Most?
What Natural Disaster Kills The Most?

1138 Aleppo Earthquake: Natural Disaster

The Syrian city’s underground began shaking on the Oct. 11 in 1138. The town lies on the concourse of the African and Arabian plates. The earthquake causes it prone to shakings, but it was particularly nasty. The magnitude of the shock is unknown over time. But contemporary historians announced some facts according to reports. They said that the town’s fortification collapsed and houses decayed across Aleppo. The damage of death from this quake is typically near about 230,000. The estimation develops from the 15th century, and the archaeologist may have combined the Aleppo quake in Georgia. It was reported according to a 2004 paper in the Geophysics Annals.

2004 Tsunami: Indian Ocean Earthquake

A massive tsunami that occurred on the Sumatra’s west coast on 26th December 2004 had affected the 14 countries. The overall death numbers were from 230,000 to 280,000 according to the estimation. The tsunami had affected dangerously the nearest countries, including Indonesia. Indonesia was the most affected country by the Indian Ocean earthquake. Tsunami waves were high about 30 meters (98 feet) in the coastal area of Indonesia. The number of death that was confirmed was 126,473.

Furthermore, 93,943 people were missing. These are the highest number of Indonesia that is more than any other affected country. In addition, the total number of dead and missing people was 36,594 for Sri Lanka.

2010 Haiti Quake: Natural Disaster

The earthquake had hit Haiti on 12th January 2010. Haiti quake may be a contender for the head ten deadliest disasters. Though predicting the death toll is a tricky concern even in a recent mass disaster.

The Haiti government estimated the magnitude of the earthquake 7.0 in the following year of the disaster. Near about 230,000 people were died because of Haiti quake. Officially this figure was updated, and according to official reports near about 316,000 people died. These numbers are highly debatable. According to Journal Medicine in 2010, one study, published had stated that around 160,000 people died. All the death numbers from the different sources are different. However, the 2011 report of USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) estimated the numbers between 47,000 to 85,000, which is lower than others.

What Natural Disaster Kills The Most?
What Natural Disaster Kills The Most?

Even in the modern period, it is difficult to count the exact death numbers. And it is better to consider official figures, and any other number of conflicts should not be published or mentioned. However, many people stated that the Haiti government had revised the calculation for international aid. In such a confusing situation, Columbia Journalism Review noted that publishing conflict numbers in USAID and leaking the documents is like discrediting the government of Haiti.

1920 Haiyuan Earthquake

A strong earthquake hit the central China country of Haiyuan on 16th December 1920. However, it was the 90 anniversary of this earthquake in 2010. According to the conference that was arranged in honor of the quake, the study reported that 273,400 people died. The study stated that most of the people buried under the landslides.

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