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What Type Of Hazard Is The Forest Fire

What Type Of Hazard Is The Forest Fire

Forest fires are the widespread fires that burn up a considerable chunk of the forests. The cause could be various natural reasons or even by humans. However, a research study cited that 85% of forest fires are caused because of human negligence.

These forest fires sometimes keep burning for days, and weeks long. Extinguishing these fires is a complex task and requires many, many resources depending on the cause, frequency, and situation.

No country has escaped this problem. In fact, in the light of recent years, the issue of forest fire has become a burning problem; quite literally, that needs attention. Changing weather and environment problems worsen this.

What Type Of Hazard Is The Forest Fire
What Type Of Hazard Is The Forest Fire

Types Of Forest Fire:

While the forest fires can be classified into three categories viz natural or controlled, a fire caused by human carelessness, fire purposely lit by humans; there are two types of forest fires i.e., surface fire and crown fire.

Surface fire engulfs the surface of the forest and burns out the trees until the floor level leaving behind ashes and jejune land. Crown fire, on the other hand, burns up on the trees and upper part of the trees leaving behind the surface.

However, this kind of light can be hazardous, particularly in the hilly areas as it spreads rapidly. All types of fires harm us environmentally, ecologically, and economically.

The destruction done by forest fires to the various ecosystems that co-exist in the forest is beyond repairable. Flora and fauna of the wood are adversely affected by such burning.

It also poses a threat to the animals that survive the mishap leaving them in significant trauma, and their lungs filled up with the smoke for inhaling. Loss of wood and timber happens on a large scale.

We end up losing many natural resources that could have otherwise been of use or edible to the jungle animals, birds, or humans. The dangerous burning gases also harm our ozone layer and hazardous smoke, and gases are emitted. It harms the humans living around the forest as well.


What Type Of Hazard Is The Forest Fire
What Type Of Hazard Is The Forest Fire

However, some forest fires are also seen in the right way. The benefits include – they clear out the clutter, and unnecessary weeds, invasive insects, and other harmful diseases.

The area that wipes out the trees sometimes leaves behind plenty of good bacteria and nutrients which help the surrounding plants to grow better and foster the growth of new plants. But, sometimes, the fires turn the land barren too. Further, and different flowers spring.

Few animals can also benefit from the newly grown plants in terms of their grazing. Such good can happen if the fire is at a moderate temperature and does not engulf a lot many trees in it. Given the benefits and consequences of forest fires, it is not difficult to conclude that they are hazardous.

As humans, we should try to curb our carelessness and take adequate measures to control the human causes of a forest fire or rainforest fire. Taking care of little things like not throwing away cigarette butts, not disposing of harmful and flammable chemicals, etc. can help us stay away from devastating losses.

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