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What You Should Do In Case Of An Earthquake

Earthquakes are the result of the sudden shaking of the Earth’s surface. This sudden shaking of the Earth’s surface is caused when seismic waves are produced, which are caused when the rocks slip from their aligned position. Previously there were no scientific method to study the cause of Earthquake but after 20th century devices were discovered to study the Earthquake and its magnitude. Seismology is the scientific study of Earthquake. The magnitude of the earthquake is measured in Richter’s scale using a seismometer.

Measures Everyone Should Take Against Earthquakes
Measures Everyone Should Take Against Earthquakes

Every Year Millions Of People Lose Their Life Due To Earthquake.

Earthquakes are very sudden and unpredictable so lot of damage in property and money takes place.

Although earthquakes are sudden and unexpected we can at least be aware of how to survive the earthquake. Prevention is always better than cure. So we should always check for any open gas pipes or water pipes. Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, flashlight, radio, food, water, radio and our phones should always be nearby. Gas line, water line and electrical lines should be put off. Basic first aid things should we there and we should have some basic knowledge about the giving necessary first aid. Pointed and heavy objects should be carefully placed. No sharp end or corner should be kept in open.

Last But Not The Least Heavy Furniture And Objects Should Be Anchored To The Walls Or To The Floors.

Measures Everyone Should Take Against Earthquakes
Measures Everyone Should Take Against Earthquakes

Incase there is an sudden earthquake the first thing that we need to do is remain calm and act on the spots rather than panicking. The first thing that we need to do during an earthquake is to find a secure place. If indoor we should remain indoors and search for safe place inside rather than running outside. Standing against a wall near the centre of the building or under a table or desk can be very helpful if a person is stuck inside during an Earthquake.

If a person by chance is outdoors, they should remain outside as it is the safest place they can be at that moment. If stranded outside they stay in open rather than taking shelter near tree or open shelters. They stay away from electric poles or any open power supply or from buildings that are on the verge of collapsing. If someone by any chance is stuck inside the car they should turn off the engine and stay inside the car till the Earthquake subside.

We Should Never Use Elevators During An Earthquake As There Are Chances Of Getting Stuck Inside Them.

Even though the Earthquake has subsided we should take some precautions after it. The first thing that we must do is check if there is any injuries. First help yourself and then tend others. We should avoid lightening any matchstick as there can be chances of open gas pipes. We should stay away from broken buildings and structures. One should stay updated about the news through a radio. Avoid standing near water pipelines and electrical poles. As tsunami can be an after effect of Earthquake, we should stay away from beaches. And lastly with Earthquake comes the aftershock, so we should also remain alert and aware of it.

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