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Why It’s Important To Acquire Survival Skills

Importance Of Survival Skills

In our development as a species, mankind journeyed across numerous continents and lived in a variety of habitats, each of which required a unique set of primitive skills in order to flourish.  Prior to the industrial revolution and the advent of modern technologies, it was essential to have intimate knowledge of the local environment and mastery of basic fundamentals in order to ensure one’s survival in the wild.

In a post-modern world, the knowledge and proficiency of these skills has largely been forgotten. While our day to day survival is no longer dependent upon them, there are still reasons why it is important to have at least basic know-how and capability when it comes to the following ancient techniques: making friction fire, building primitive shelters in various climates, collecting and purifying water, finding, processing, and cooking food, navigating over challenging landscapes, making tools and other implements, and understanding weather patterns.

Contingency Situations

FEMA starting declaring large scale disasters in 1953.  That 1st year they declared 13.  In 2011 they declared 99.  It is a statistical truth that large disasters are increasing in frequency and violence with each passing year.  Bad things happen to good people.  Every day unsuspecting people are thrust into sudden and chaotic survival scenarios where they must rely on their knowledge and resources to survive.  Planes crash, cars run out of gas, fires ravage, hurricanes strike, bridges collapse and innocent people are forced to navigate the aftermath.  We live in a crazy world.  You must prepare for and expect the craziness.  Thinking “it will never happen to me” is nothing short of insane.

Importance Of Survival Skills
Importance Of Survival Skills

Self Investment

Taking a survival skills course is an investment of time and money. But more importantly, it’s an investment in yourself. You are your most valuable resource!  Don’t underestimate the power of you.  You are unique and amazing.  Take the plunge and invest a little time and a little money in learning some survival skills that can truly change your life.  Knowledge is power.

Everything Can Fail

Planes crash, dams burst, nuclear power plants melt down, gas pipe-lines blow, power grids fail and the list goes on and on.  Survival skills prepare us for the inevitable times when the man-made luxuries and utilities we depend on fail us.  It happens every day.  Knowledge is always with you no matter where you are or where you go.  Knowledge doesn’t require a power source or telephone service.  It isn’t dependent on fuel or batteries.  It’s there when you need it – regardless of the circumstances.

Importance Of Survival Skills
Importance Of Survival Skills

Mother Nature Can Be Dangerous

Just like the Honey Badger, Mother Nature doesn’t care!  She’s a ruthless killer and will show no mercy on you or your possessions when she decides to unleash her fury.  She is in control always.  The best we can do is prepare to deal with the aftermath – which is oftentimes horrific.  Surviving one of her tantrums is just the first step – mitigating the ensuing chaos afterward is when your survival skills will truly be tested.  Shelter, water, fire, and food will all be difficult to secure.

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